Rules/ByLaws for Western Pleasure Super Sires

Mission Statement

Super Sires seeks to foster Non-Pro riders of all skill levels in all competitions and support the breeding of quality bloodlines for future show horses for those riders. The Super Sires will showcase the offspring of this exclusive stallion program in competition for Non-Pro riders of all skill levels. Significant cash and prizes shall be awarded on an annual basis at the chosen venues with 100% of Stallion Position Enrollment funds allocated.

Super Sires is committed to promoting modern riding for all riders and quality bloodlines for all breeds.

Governing Body

Super Sires shall be managed by an Executive Committee with a Chairperson appointed by the existing Executive Committee. A Chairperson shall be elected from the Super Sires Executive Committee.

The Super Sires Executive Committee shall act as the Show Committee and shall select the show venues annually. Payout for the classes will be under the jurisdiction of the Super Sires Executive Committee.

The Super Sires Executive Committee shall retain the right to hire an employee to be responsible in performing dayto-day actions and activities, as well as reporting to the Super Sires Executive Committee.

An annual meeting shall be held at a time and place designated by the Super Sires Executive Committee in which all Super Sires Stallion Position Owners will be notified and invited.

Super Sires will be operated inside a simple Limited Liability Company (LLC) with a unique Federal Tax ID number and operate as a business with limited liability to the Stallion Owners. The bank account for Super Sires, LLC, will be held at a designated bank with a branch in Ohio as well as Muncie, Indiana.

Executive Committee

  • Russ Louderback
  • Joan Schroeder
  • Steve Stephens
  • Susan Thompson
  • Steve Thompson
  • Gil Galyean

Stallion Eligibility

  1. Stallion “Position” Initial Enrollment Fee $5,000 per year (Minimum)
  2. Stallion ownership at 50% or greater
  3. Frozen Semen ownership at 50% or greater
  4. Guaranteed yearly renewal for existing stallion owners
  5. If Stallion “Position” owner fails to fulfill his/her financial commitment, the “Position” goes back to WPSS Committee for online auction or other sales means as determined by the WPSS Executive Committe
  6. Applications for future stallion “Position” enrollments shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for review and recommendation to the Stallion Owners.   Any new “Position” enrollment must be approved by the WPSS Stallion Owners by majority vote to be accepted into the WPSS program. Applications
    available on website or may be requested.
  7. There will be no refunds of annual enrollment fees

Ownership and Sale of Positions

  1. Stallion “Position” ownership must be maintained for a three (3) year commitment in order to own “Position”
  2. Stallion “Position“ is assigned with the Stallion and transfers with the Stallion if a sale should take place before the initial three (3) year commitment ends
  3. Purchaser of Stallion “Position” must submit application and be approved by Executive Committee to continue in Super Sires program
  4. Purchaser of Stallion “Position” must complete payment annually for balance of the three (3) year
  5. Upon completion of three (3) year commitment, “Position” is owned by Stallion Owner
  6. Stallion Owner has option of committing for another three (3) year commitment
  7. Stallion Owner has option to fill “Position” with another stallion that has his/her ownership at 50% or greater upon submission and approval of Super Sires Stallion “Position” application to the SS Executive Committee.
  8. Stallion “Position” owner has option to sell his/her “Position” to another Stallion owner upon submission and approval of SS Stallion “Position” application to the SS Executive Committee. Stallion must meet the eligibility requirements as established by the SS program. Stallion offspring earnings cannot exceed $150,000 through last full breeding year for stallion to be eligible for SS “Position.”
  9. Should the Stallion Owner wish to transfer the “position” to another Stallion, he has the option to do so on the condition that he has at least 50% or greater ownership interest in the stallion, and furthermore, only upon submission to and approval of his SS Stallion “Position” application by the SS Executive Committee.
  10. Once a “Position” is transferred to a newly approved stallion, stallion must remain in the SS program for
    three (3) year commitment in order for Stallion Owner to maintain ownership of “Position.”
  11. The Stallion “Position” owner also has the option to sell his/her “Position” to another Stallion owner but only upon submission to and approval of said application by the SS Executive Committee

Stallion Enrollment Purse Schedule

  1. A purse schedule has been designed to protect and guarantee mare owner/breeder that their resulting foal will be certified to participate in the Non-Pro Super Sires events for the years of eligibility
  2. Beginning in the Breeding Year 2015 thru the Breeding Year 2018, 50% of the Stallion Position Enrollment Fee ($2,500) will be reserved in Super Sires, LLC, bank account in Muncie, Indiana
  3. The purse schedule of 50% of the Stallion Position Enrollment Fee ($2,500) will be maintained for a four (4) year period, beginning in 2015, and ending in 2018. This practice will cover the payout addendum for the Super Sires events should a Stallion Position Owner not make funds available to pay for his Position at time of annual due payment
  4. In the Year 2019, 100% of the Stallion Position Enrollment Fees ($5,000) per Stallion, will be distributed to participants in the Non-Pro SS events for foals that are products of the corresponding breeding year.
    • Example- Foals produced from the 2019 breeding season will be born in 2020; they will be certified
      to show as yearlings in 2021, three-year-olds in 2023 and so on. Purse monies for these events will be funded by the 2019 contributions.

Horse Eligibility

  1. Horses entering must be sired by a stallion enrolled in the Super Sires program
  2. Horses must be nominated into program as outlined below:
    • Nomination required for foals to be eligible for entry to any Super Sires class
    • A copy of registration papers must be on file with Super Sires office
    • One-time nomination fee
      • $50 due before December 31 of foaling year;
      • OR $150 due before Longe-Line event entry deadline yearling year;
      • OR $250 due before event entry deadline of three year old year
      • Special exception for inaugural year of Trail class – 4/5 year olds can nominate for $50
    • Once nomination is complete, a Super Sires proof of nomination card will be provided that should remain with horse papers
  3. Horses entering must be a Yearling for Yearling Longe-Line, Three (3) Years Old for Three-Year-Old Classes and a 4 or 5-Year-Old for the 4/5-Year-Old Trail Class
  4. Horses entering for a color bonus must present a copy of the color breed registration papers by 11:00 a.m. the day before the class

Exhibitor Eligibility

  1. Competition open to all Non-Pro riders
  2. Rider divisions will be based on NSBA rules and current NSBA rider list
  3. Horse and/or rider may only show in one class
  4. NSBA Non-Pro ownership rules will apply and a copy of the breed association membership card will be required to enter the WPSS event
  5. Non Pro entrants may NOT show a leased horse in a WPSS event
  6. All horses must have a Certificate of Registration showing exhibitors ownership to the show office by 11:00 a.m. the day before the class
  7. All exhibitors or owners must be in good standing with all breed associations or will be prohibited from participating the Super Sires event


  1. Open Non-Pro Yearling Longe-Line Class
    • $5,000 Guaranteed to 1st Place
  2. Open Non-Pro Three Year Old Western Pleasure
    • $10,000 Guaranteed to 1st Place
    • Bonus to Limited Rider ($1,500), Home Bred ($500) and Color ($500)
  3. Limited Non-Pro Three Year Old Western Pleasure
    • $10,000 Guaranteed to 1st Place
    • Bonus to Novice Rider ($500), Home Bred ($500) and Color ($500)
  4. Open Non-Pro Four and Five Year Old Trail Class
    • $5,000 Guaranteed to 1st Place

Entry Fee Schedule

  1. Entry Fee is $250.00 if postmarked by yearly advertised deadlines (April 10 for Trail Class/June 10 for LL and 3 YO Western Pleasure classes)
  2. After deadline, Entry Fee $250.00 plus Late Fee of $100.00 = $350.00
  3. Entries must be received by 3:00 p.m. day before the WPSS Event
  4. 80% of entry fees will be added to the payout


  1. Winnings paid at the show
  2. Distribution of Purses – Payout addendum will be available before SS event

Bonus Payout Eligibility

  1. NSBA Color horse eligibility rules will apply
  2. A copy of the color registration papers must be in the office before the class shows
  3. “Home-Bred”- bred, owned and shown by the same person or immediate family member. Name must be listed on the breed papers as the breeder and owner.
  4. The “Breeder” award goes to the breeder according to breed record, listed on papers.
  5. One person may only win one bonus; the next highest eligible person will get the bonus.

Credits, Refunds & Substitutions

  1. Horses that have a paid an entry fee can be transferred to a new owner/exhibitor prior to the class for a change fee of $50; all changes MUST be made by 11:00 a.m. the day before class shows.
  2. In the event of the death of the horse that has a paid entry, the owner may substitute another eligible horse in its place for a $75 change fee
  3. There will be no refunds of entry fees


  1. Judges- 4 Judge System, Low Dropped
    • Tie breaker judge will be announced prior to the class
    • Judges may be chosen from the list of show judges or may be chosen by the WPSS Committee (only non-participating committee members may choose the judges)
    • Judges decision is final
  2. Drug testing will be conducted. Super Sires will have its classes declared as NSBA classes. NSBA drugging rules, drug testing rules and protocol will be strictly followed. Drug testing will be conducted by an authorized representative of NSBA at the NSBA’ s discretion. A signed agreement from each participant will be on file stating that if the horse tests positive, any money or prizes must be returned immediately to Super Sires
  3. Additional sanctions may be levied as determined by the WPSS Committee.
  4. All Stallion Owners are encouraged to sell sponsorships to pay for advertising, website, class awards, etc.
  5. Each Stallion Owner agrees to pay up to $500 annually for office and/or administration compensation.
  6. A General Liability Insurance Policy will be taken out for the WPSS classes
  7. Any rules herewith can be changed, added to, or denied at the discretion of the Super Sires Committee. The Super Sires Committee has the final word in interpreting or supplementing the rules and conditions.